Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology (BPTI) was founded by 3 research scientists from “Lithuanian Society of Young Researchers” hoping to create research space without bureaucratic constraints. A space where researchers who are willing to take up challenges can  turn their ideas into concrete results.

In the period over these 10 years since 2008, BPTI has grown from a startup to a well known, fully licensed academic institute supplying it’s services to businesses, universities and governments around the world.


Currently BPTI has a research member system that allows scientist to register to a pool of academic experts that can be invited to join research and consulting projects. This sort of system allows BPTI to have a competitive advantage in many different fields while championing lean mentality and agile work ethic. If you are a specialist looking to join our member pool please contact us.


Here are some statistics about BPTI

International partners
Participants of Our Projects
Certified Researchers


BPTI is working together with institutions from various different sectors, this is a quick breakdown of our client and partner industries.

  • Academic Sector
  • Government Sector
  • Private Sector


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